An experiment in language inspired by the office of Poet Laureate of the United States by Patrick Sanchez
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Syntactical Arrangement On A Single Plane

Arranging words within a single graphic plane allows one to sketch with or without the consideration of language as anything other than line, form, or building block. What can we depict through the quantity of materials offered in any given list? How can we use what is present in the list to make meaning with language? Another significant potential of the single plane is the possibility of juxtaposing textual or grammatical elements, i.e. pronoun, or verb tense.

Syntactical Arrangement On Multiple Planes

By piling words on top of one another, users can consider the possibility of meaning in new and more complicated contexts. What holds the foreground in the hierarchy of layers? Graphically, words placed within the same pixel range serve as a darkening tool, granting the user an ability to edit pieces of words together to make new words by focusing the eye around black space, and into a central character. This negative space may also be used to form line and shape. (See also Palimpsest.)

Sonic Engagement

The simplest way to engage the work sonically is through the Safari Browser using a Mac. Without moving anything on the page, we can begin to see the possibility of odd arrangements of words by utilizing the Text to Speech tool. Although this tool does not function when words have been moved on the page, it does serve as a starting point to think about the possibility of the score in a constrained writing environment.

Window Work

The project framework encourages the use of one window at a time, in order to print, via the available link in the top left corner of each screen. However, it is not limited to this function. The combination of several windows on a screen and a simple screen shot invites the capturing of information between more than one window at a time. Additionally, font scale or zoom offer further potential for users of the Mac OS.

Example Explorations

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